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Accounting / Financing

Most invoices are sent within days of the policy binding, but should you not have one, please call 877-365-7473 x103.
If your policy is premium financed, please notify Binddesk immediately of the finance company name, account no. and financed amount. Finance company should send the amount financed direct to Binddesk. In the event that your finance company funds your agency, then your agency is responsible for sending payment in full to Binddesk as soon as possible.
Most of our programs are agency billed, so you retain your commission. With some of our standard carriers, payments can take some time. Please trust that we have no desire to retain your commission for any reason and will pay you at the end of the month in which we receive your funds.
Commissions vary per product, but we do our best to pay you all we can while remaining profitable. Please contact [email protected] if your commission is not listed on your quote. Contact Greg Liewald for an overall summary. How do I pay you?

Customer Service

Please send to our Service Team or call 877-365-7473 x108 with any specific questions.
Most policies are sent within days, but should you not receive it, please contact our Service Team.


Any one you wish, you are free to choose your options
Simply complete our appointment paperwork Get Appointed and our marketing team will contact you.

Quoting / Binding

Log In to to quote yourself with one of our online raters, or email to [email protected]. Don't have logins to Contact Greg Liewald in Marketing to get your logins.